Donor: Andy Law

Andy registered as a potential stem cell donor in 2008 when a Chinese Canadian Leukaemia patient in Toronto was in desperate need of a matching donors. Two years after he had joined the pool of potential donors in the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell and Marrow Network, he was found to be a matching donor for another patient. In 2010, he donated his stem cells to this patient through his bone marrow. The subsequent year, he donated his platelets to the same patient in 2011. Andy treasures the opportunity for being able to match with a patient in need, and compares this to “Winning a lottery”. Contrary to many’s belief that donating stem cells through bone marrow is a painful experience, Andy said the donation procedure is nothing to be scared of. “If you ask me how painful it is, from one to 10 I would say a three.” Andy feels proud to be able to save the life of a complete stranger, and hopes that he can meet the person he helped one day.

Interview of Andy Law by CBC Television