The Current Situation

Meet the Patients

Thousands of patients around the world currently suffer from potentially life-threatening illnesses including blood cancers (leukemia, lymphoma & myeloma), aplastic anemia, immune dysfunctions, and genetic and metabolic disorders. For most of these patients, a stem cell transplant may be the last and best chance for survival.

Successful stem cell transplants require matching human leukocyte antigens (HLA) between patients and their donors, but matches are difficult to find. In these circumstances, the search for a donor who has these matching genetic markers must be done as quickly as possible because the window of time for receiving a life-saving transplant can be as short as 2 months or less. Unfortunately, the chances of finding a matching donor from a sibling within the same family are only 25%. This means that the majority of patients must rely on the generosity of strangers in the global stem cell registry to save their lives.

如果您的年齡介於17歲至35歲,請在 Canadian Blood Services 加拿大血液服務中心 官網上登記註冊成為一名幹細胞捐獻者。您或許就是那個能拯救患者性命的人!

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Update: Chinese patients now have about a 20% chance of finding a matching stem cell donor due to recent recruitment efforts. We look forward to further increases in the future!