Celebrity Endorsements

Patrick Chan (World Figure Skater) supports OtherHalf and Canadian Blood Services 

Karen Mok 莫文蔚 supports OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Cell Initiative 

Steven Ma 馬浚偉 supports OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Cell Initiative 

Lena Ma 馬艶冰 (Miss World Canada) supports OtherHalf – Chinese Stem Cell 

Endorsements From The Medical Profession

Many thanks to these medical doctors who have given their endorsement of OtherHalf.
Toronto Hematologists: Dr. Rena Buckstein, Dr. Jeannie Callum, Dr. Matthew Cheung, Dr. John Doyle, Dr. Kevin Imrie, Dr. Yulia Lin, Dr. Jeffrey H. Lipton, Dr. Anne McLeod, Dr. Eugenia Piliotis, Dr. Richard A. Wells
Toronto Physicians: Dr. Eric Chan, Dr. Peter K.C. Chan, Dr. Peter S.K. Chan, Dr. Peter P. Chang, Dr. Xueyu Chen, Dr. Andrew Chung, Dr. C. W. Fong, Dr. Kan Ying Fung, Dr. Kenneth Fung, Dr. Paul Fung, Dr. Gerald Ho, Dr. Henry Ho, Dr. Collin Hong, Dr. Bartholomew Kwan, Dr. Raphael Kwok, Dr. Alice Lai, Dr. Michael Lai, Dr. Lawrence Lau, Dr. Ming Jarm Lau, Dr. Tak Lau, Dr. Hugo Law, Dr. Lawrence Lee, Dr. Sai Ping Lee, Dr. Rosalind Ling, Dr. Kwok Chu Man, Dr. Ken Ng, Dr. Susan Pang, Dr. Ying Seid, Dr. Shawn Seit, Dr. Thomas C. Tam, Dr. Charles C. Tan, Dr. Thuang Kim Tan, Dr. Anthony Tse, Dr. Albert Wong, Dr. Eric Wong, Dr. Joseph K. Wong, Dr. Dennis Woo, Dr. Berwin Yip, Dr. Florence Yip, Dr. Stephen Yung
Vancouver Hematologists: Dr. Agnes Lee, Dr. Charles Li, Dr. John Sheppard, Dr. Peter W. K. Tsang Dr. John Wu
Vancouver Physicians: Dr. Susan Yuk-Lin Kwan, Dr. Vincent Tang, Dr. Joanne S.W. Tse, Dr. Boon Wong, Dr. Eileen Wong, Dr. Donald Yung
Other Cities Physicians: Dr. Gabriel Chan (Lindsay), Dr. Po Kee Cheung (Edmonton), Dr. Craig Durant (Hamilton), Dr. Pein-Pein Huang (Ottawa), Dr. June Lee (London), Dr. Siu Hung Claypole Li (Halton), Dr. Donald L. Louie, Dr. Michael Mah, Dr. Susan Poon, Dr. Daniel M.T. Wong, Dr. John Wai Yeung Wu (Calgary)