Register As A Potential Stem Cell Donor

To save a life, you need to join the stem cell donor registry in your country. You will then be part of an international database of potential stem cell donors and you will be contacted if you are found to be a match for any patient. For more information please visit Current Situation to learn about the current need for stem cell donors.

* Please note that the age eligibility of registering as a potential stem cell donor has been changed to 17-35 as of July 1st, 2013 as opposed to the 17-50 age range stated in some of the videos produced before 2013. As well, Chinese patients now have a 20% chance of finding a matching donor but we still look forward to further increases!

For Canadian Residents

Please join the Canadian Blood Services or Héma-Québec stem cell donor registry if you are…

    1. Between the ages of 17-35 (or 18-35 if you are in Quebec)
    2. In good general health
    3. Willing to help any patient who requires a stem cell donation
    4. Have provincial health care insurance

…and hopefully you can BE THE ONE to save a life!

What Can I Expect When I Register?

Update: Chinese patients now have about a 20% chance of finding a matching stem cell donor due to recent recruitment efforts. We look forward to further increases in the future!

Register online

Please click the Canadian Blood Services link below. Following the reading material, you will be asked to take a knowledge test at the bottom of the page before proceeding to the consent form. A cheek-swabbing kit will be mailed to you afterwards.

Register online now to be a potential donor with Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell and Marrow Network.

If you live in Quebec, please register with Héma-Québec.

Register at a Drive

Sign up as a potential donor by getting swabbed at our upcoming stem cell donor registration drives in Toronto or Vancouver.

For Non-Canadian Residents

For more national registries, please visit the Bone Marrow Donor Worldwide network.